Why Study at Falcon English School

19 Nov 2019

The Falcon English School offers its students to learn or improve upon their English; written, spoken and reading. This is done through voluntary and compulsory classes, aiming at all areas of their development. 

Through developing their English, Falcon English School hopes this will improve our student’s written and spoken communication, helping them to break down barriers and obstacles that previously prevented them from integrating into their local neighborhood. Our compulsory classes consist of teaching writing, and grammar in a formal class, where attendance is monitored.  Students are placed according to ability, and constantly monitored in order that they are studying at their ability level. 

In support, two new voluntary classes were set up from September specifically to concentrate on the student’s literacy and  reading skills.


Literacy Booster Class

 This is a once a week 90 minute session provided for those students at the pre-Entry or Entry 1, ability levels.  The aim of this class is to improve their handwriting and spelling, and recognition of letters and their sounds, which should support them at their ability level. 

Reading Circle

Again, this is a once a week 90 minute session provided for those students at Entry 2 and Entry 3 ability levels. The aim of this class is to improve the students reading and comprehension skills.  Through reading, they will also improve their spoken English, broaden their vocabulary and encourage a better understanding of what they are reading through comprehension.       

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