How I teach ESOL students

Learning a second language can be very daunting. However, it can also be pleasant and satisfying. Our students come from different parts of the world, which means that our lessons have a great multicultural feel. At times, it’s as though the whole world is in my classroom.

During every class, we focus on the four core English skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. I also make sure to start a discussion on how each student deals with being in a foreign country. Students are sometimes met with challenging obstacles, so I take the time to help international students overcome their concerns.

As a teacher, it’s important for me to take language barriers and cultural differences into consideration. Being a native English speaker gives me the chance to put my English teaching and speaking skills to good use. I work closely with our students to address specific questions, helping the learners to get the most out of the lessons.

I use various teaching methods to encourage our learners. Students sometimes work in pairs or have group discussions, giving everyone the chance to learn from each other. I also use a lot of dynamic visual aids to make the classes more engaging.

Classes at Falcon English School are always welcoming and I help our ESOL students progress with their studies by being positive, supporting their learning and giving them regular feedback.

I personally learn new things from every student I meet. I’m looking forward to working with more students in the summer term.

Dilbagh ESOL Teacher


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