Pre-Entry to Level 1  

At Falcon English, we are offering Pre- Entry to Level 1 classes. All our formal classes are taught by qualified ESL teachers. At Falcon English school, we are passionate about teaching which means your learning is our priority. We understand that learning English is a very important part of integrating into society and progressing in your future.

This year we are running 18-week courses, beginning in September and February. You can progress 2 levels in one year! We have face-to-face classes and online classes. Our morning-only courses will take place in the classroom and our evening-only courses will take place online. We offer 4 hours of formal classes per week.  View our timetable here.

We also offer speaking groups and other helpful sessions for FREE!

We believe the best way to improve your English is to immerse yourself in it. That is why we are giving you extra opportunities to practice and gain confidence.


All you need to do now is come to our office to take a placement test, or do our placement test online. Remember, the test is just to make sure we place you in the right class for you. So just try your best and we will do the rest! 


Take a placement test ..


 You can register with us and get your name on our list! Spaces are limited, so register now.